IS your studio hot?

Sangha Yoga is not a hot studio. In the colder months of fall and winter the temperature inside our practice space fluctuates between 75 and 85 degrees.  Our radiant heating panels placed in the ceiling provide organic warmth and our windows are always available for ventilation when and if the studio gets too toasty.

What do I wear to class?

Wear clothing that makes you feel good in the skin you’re in and choose items that keep you dry especially if you are taking a class that is rigorous.  You can wear looser and more relaxed clothing for our restorative, yin and miofascial release classes.  

Do I need a yoga mat?

It’s more sanitary if you bring your own.  We have limited number of mats to borrow and although we clean them, keep in mind that other people have sweat on them.  If you are planning to take up yoga we recommend that you invest in a good quality mat. 


Which class is best for me?

All are welcome in every class!  If you are a beginner or just getting back into it we suggest you start with our Intro Series class and learn or reconnect with the basics.  Kickasana is the only class we strongly suggest having 3 months of mat time before attending.  You might also explore our more restorative options with Yin/Restore and Yin/Tune-up. You can investigate further by going to our Classes page where you can read a full description of each style or practice.


Do I need to sign-up ahead of time?

Pre-registering will make your check-in time go much faster, however it is not required. Go to our Pricing page to learn more about your purchasing options. Otherwise come to class 15 min. prior and we will get you all set-up.


Can I practice with an injury?

If you have an injury please contact us if you are unsure whether or not a yoga practice is right for you.  We recommend you consult your primary care physician before you begin a yoga practice if your injury is more severe.  Always let your teacher know what injuries you have prior to class so that we can support and facilitate your healing to the best of our ability.