Stepping into Stillness

The first three days were entirely focused on the simple task of sitting and focusing the mind on the breath, only in the space between the entrance of the nostrils and bridge of the nose…easy right?? My initial feelings of joy to be sitting in stillness soon wore off after day one and the reality that my nimble yoga body was now a blazing inferno of excruciating pain.

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Heather Falkin
The Road Less Traveled-Heather Falkin's Journey to Becoming a Yoga Enthusiast

I had a revelation one day in my late teens. It would be the first of many awakenings brought on by a quiet and encouraging voice within me that I now call my inner teacher. At age nineteen this voice simply said “Enough is enough. It’s time to move on.” These words were accompanied by a strong feeling in my gut that I was compelled to trust and so the trajectory of my life shifted. The path was wide open. All I needed to do was figure out which way to go first.

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