Sangha TEachers

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Scott & Heather falkin, owners

We came together as young twenty something’s and have grown together on and off the mat.  We value our practice and how it anchors our chaotic life as the parents of 3 vibrant kids and 2 devoted dogs.  Our family of 5 are seekers of adventure and truth and find that yoga provides us with opportunities to quench our thirst for going against the grain while reminding us to celebrate the lessons within our very normal and often monotonous daily lives.

Through yoga we have developed strong, life-long friendships with remarkable people.  We seek to create an inclusive space that brings people of all ages, stages, and walks of life together to form bonds like the ones we so deeply cherish.  Witnessing the healing that inevitably occurs on the mat with the compassionate guidance of a devoted teaching Sangha is why we chose to adopt what we believe to be a very special and sacred location. We will stay true to the tradition of yoga while welcoming its evolution in the modern world and promise to grow right along with the Sangha so we continue to offer the most authentic, humble and joy filled experience.