KUDOS: community

EST. 8/1/2017


It was a little over a year ago that we established a new community in the 8 Boston space on the top of Queen Anne. We can’t take credit for the beautiful, intelligent and articulate cluster of devoted humans that anxiously awaited opening day however. The palpable energy that resides within the Sangha Yoga practice space is the culmination of the life force of many a yogi who has rolled out their mat over the course of almost 50 years. We adopted that energy when we took over ownership of the beautiful sanctuary and our soul focus is to sustain and grow this community so that we can enjoy the benefits of the practice and the space for years to come.

This year we are able to take a step back and reflect on the incredible transformation we have experienced since July of 2017. We see a family forming and bonds deepening and it fills our heart with joy. Our students are positive, eager and dedicated to showing up for themselves and each other. Our teachers are passionate, authentic and motivated to continue to share their passion for the practice with others. As we move into the holiday season our focus is on making sure our community feels supported and nurtured by our weekly classes and special offerings. We recognize that every time we teach we are participating in a lineage of healing that has pervaded the 8 Boston space since the 60’s. We feel so grateful to be a part of that lineage and we are so thankful for the receptivity, warmth and devotion our community demonstrate every time they roll out their mats.

A yoga studio is a home away from home that provides shelter from the chaos of our busy lives. Our home is open to all and we welcome you in as if we have known you forever. Every knew student we receive becomes part of our family. We look forward to the coming year and to witnessing more growth, sharing more laughter and creating more opportunities for self-discovery for our Sangha!