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Summer Solstice Yin Yoga + Sound

In this workshop we will use our Yin practice to draw upon the energetic principals outlined in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and celebrate the outward expansion and fullness of summer. The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year and our transition into more daylight, warmer temperatures and in our bodies a feeling of expansiveness and outward movement. We seek out community and connection in the summer, all of which is guided by the energy of the heart. A healthy heart guides us into healthy relationships.

The summer season is represented by the element of fire, which when in balance is generative and transformative. When out of balance, we may feel burned out and overwhelmed and this can manifest in the body/mind as inflammation, nervousness and overstimulation.

In this workshop we will use our Yin practice to open and balance the energetic meridians associated with the heart and small intestine. The heart houses our Shen…our radiance, spirit and divine spark. The small intestine acts as the gatekeeper for the body, mind and heart, choosing what to let in and what to filter out. We want these energetic channels to be open and nourished so that we can stay connected to our center and maintain our brilliance in this very social time of year.

Practice will end with a sound bath to relax your nervous system and soothe your soul.


COST $30