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Spring Equinox: Yin Yoga + Sound Bath

In nature, spring is a time of renewal, growth and expansion and the opportunity to shed and clear out any stagnant energy in the body as well as negative emotions such as rigidity, anger and frustration.  In Chinese Medicine, the element of wood is associated with spring and represents upward movement, strong roots, flexibility and the ability to move around obstacles towards the light. In our bodies, we may feel a surge of energy, an urge to make plans, embrace change and opportunity. John Kirkwood, in his book ‘The Way of the Five Seasons’ writes that we experience an “…inner sense of something rising upwards in your body. You may feel the bubbling sensation of something coming up inside of your legs and the front of the body, filling and expanding your chest with an energy that demands expression.”

Our Yin practice will focus on clearing the liver and gall bladder meridian lines, which support the digestive and detoxification functions in the body. Through this process we will restore balance in the body and mind, clear the central energy channels and restore the healthy flow of Qi.  

We will end the class with a relaxing sound bath to soothe the soul.

Cost $35




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