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Body Connection: Balancing Kapha Dosha

Feeling extra tired? Unmotivated? Heavy? Depressed mood? Kapha Season is STILL in full swing in Seattle! Join me for this multi-dimensional workshop that will help you to connect to the wisdom of your body to cut through the dull stagnant energy of the winter and and tap into your innate vitality and motivation amidst the dark, dreary days.

You'll learn:
Insight into your unique makeup of doshas to deepen your understanding of yourself.
Foundational knowledge on the three doshas in Ayurveda
How our Seattle winters and springs can cause a kapha imbalance and how listen to your body and recognize an imbalance.
Practical strategies for self-care and lifestyle to energize and motivate you.
How to infuse enlivening energy into your yoga practice to help balance dullness in the mind and body.
About the six tastes in Ayurvedic cuisine, and how to use food in a personalized healing way.

You'll leave with tools to help you listen more deeply to the wise signals from your body, and strategies to respond to those signals, ultimately crafting a lifestyle that allows you to access your vital energy and creativity, even through the inert months of winter.

COST $50 early bird $45 before Feb 11


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