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Sound Bath

 Join Michelle for an evening immersed in the power of sound.  Sound and vibration will be used to adjust your breath, heart rate and brain waves to the frequency of relaxation and equanimity.  While experiencing different tones, tempos and patterns, the listener naturally shifts from an active waking state of consciousness to a more relaxed meditative state of awareness.  Benefits include increased levels of relaxation in the body, ease and comfort in breathing, reduced feelings of anxiety or physical pain, mental clarity and restful sleep.  

The session opens with a seated meditation, bringing awareness to the body, mind and breath. Then, as you rest in Savasana, Michelle uses crystal singing bowls an chimes, tuned to resonate with each energy center of the body, to create a space of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. The session closes with a period of pure silence, allowing the simplicity of stillness to reveal deeper feelings of clarity, presence and peace. 

Wear warm comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch and relax.  All are welcome! No previous yoga experience required.

COST $25 



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