Bodywise institute REstorative Level 1 teacher training

with Eleanor Bramwell and Rae Helsel

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Sangha Yoga is SO EXCITED to be hosting a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training on September 7-9th 2018 with Rae Helsel and Eleanor Bramwell.

This training is a level one restorative YTT appropriate for all levels of yogic experience; those interested in offering restorative yoga classes and those interested in deepening their experience of restorative states. You will learn the neurobiology of restorative states, anatomy of the nervous system, breathing mechanics, and hormonal systems. You will feel empowered to guide restorative classes, be well versed in the creative use of props, and the art of sequencing. In a beautiful way, you will have the opportunity to understand yourself on a deeper level.

Total cost of training is $400. Early bird (until Aug. 1) is $300. We also offer a student price of $325 with an early bird discounted rate of $250. 

Training manuals and certification are included in the price. This training can be used for CE hours for yoga teachers.


“Eleanor believes in the untold potential of every human.”



Eleanor, training director

Eleanor is known for creating sacred space, powerful facilitation, and weaving self growth inquiry into all that she does. Her extensive academic education in psychology and experience as a Board Certified Structural Integrator were ignited by an earnest desire to understand the body/mind continuum and self. A radical visionary and conscious entrepreneur, she is the Executive Director of BodyWise Institute. Eleanor also founded a nonprofit and sister organization, BodyWise Foundation, dedicated to serving trauma recovery, training, and education.




“rae is known for her mastery holding space for others.”



Rae, training director

Rae’s yogic journey began during chemo and surgical treatment for stage three melanoma. Yoga offered her a release from the anxiety in her body/mind. She offers this release to her students through music, movement, and body awareness. Her extensive yoga education includes 1,000 hr Yoga Therapist, and working on staff at the Nosara Yoga Institute 200 hr yoga teacher trainings.

She owns a thriving web development company in New York, is a classically trained pianist, and loves being behind her camera.

Training Objectives

In a restorative yoga practice, we open the aperture of our awareness, and we access a state of potency. Through lecture, group discussion, and practicum you will learn how to guide yourself and others into a deeper state of being.

Pathways to this deeper state include supported postures, pranayama, and meditation; the nervous system is regulated,  and we are able to rest and digest life. Measurable results of relaxation include reduction of stress, trauma symptoms, blood pressure, muscle tension, and fatigue, and improvement of immune function// digestion.

This training program provides the foundation to invoke the body’s natural state. You will learn:

●  How to confidently guide students through a full restorative class or incorporate restorative states into other yoga classes

●  The creative art of using props

●  How to intelligently sequence a series that will initiate relaxation, healing, and release

●  The biology and anatomy of pranayama (breath)

  • The neurology of a conscious breath
  • The neurology of body scanning

●  The anatomy of nervous system

●  The biology of hormonal systems

●  Introduction to assisting

  • Introduction to trauma, what is it, how does it occur, and how is it stored somatically?

●  Science of the Relaxation Response theory

  • How restorative practices support regulation of the nervous system

●  What is it to restore? How is it different than resting, meditating or sleeping?

Post course requirements for certification: 

  • Lead 5 restorative classes (minimum three attendees per class)
  • Read Waking the Tiger: Healing Traum by Peter A. Levine, PhD, and provide a page summary
  • Choose an area of the Anatomy curriculum that interests you and write a one-half to one page write up

Training Schedule

Friday 4-8pm

Saturday 10:30-6:30pm

Sunday 9-5pm